Yoga "Snacks" for the Office or Wherever


Workout LoopYogaNo EquipmentBeginner Friendly

This routine has 6 super quick yoga flows to do at your desk for a quick break. This series is also great if you need some yoga flows that don't put a lot of stress on your wrists. There's no touching the floor for down dogs or plank here!

This yoga program alternates gentle seated and standing yoga practices, and is suitable for a quick break pretty much anywhere you can spread your arms, with no need to touch the ground.

  • Fitness Level: Beginner friendly.
  • Equipment: Half the workouts use a chair; for the others, a yoga mat can be nice but is not required.
  • Duration: About 5 minutes (4-7 minutes).

Quick exercise breaks including chair yoga have many benefits for office workers. One study found that yoga and meditation significantly reduced perceived stress. Another study found 5 minute "micro" breaks of exercise every hour improved mood, and decreased feelings of fatigue. Taking a few minutes every now and then to move can improve your productivity, focus, and mood throughout the day!

You can easily customize your Workout Loop by hitting 'Remix on Workout Loop' and using the Edit tab! Start by changing the title to make it yours, and add or remove videos to make your own program. You can use the YouTube player to make it full screen after you start the video.

For some longer yoga workouts, you might also like 14 days of 20ish minute morning yoga.