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Programs are saved by title. Change this to copy a program.
Add video
Required. A YouTube Video ID or URL, e.g. UEEsdXn8oG8 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEEsdXn8oG8
Required. Will be filled in with the video title when you set the video id, but can be changed.
Use this to skip the intro
Use this to stop the video before the end


Workout Loop is designed to let you make simple, shareable workout programs based on YouTube videos with a smoother experience than dealing with a YouTube playlist. Set up a list of videos and then come back whenever it's time for a workout to play the next video. When you get to the end, it will loop back to the beginning of the list.

The details of the videos are saved in the URL after the #, so you can share your plan by sharing the link. Your place in the list is saved locally on your device.

Recent Changes

2022-06-01: Added ability to edit videos using the pencil button; Changed Layout of Edit tab and removed Save button as programs now save automatically for every change. 2022-05-10: Renamed tabs from Video and Program to Workout and Edit; Video titles are now auto filled from YouTube title

To create or edit a program

Go to the Edit tab to create or edit the program. To create a program, give it a title, and then add some videos. To add a video, copy and paste the link to the video from the address bar of your browser or the Share link in YouTube. You can also use just the Video ID. The title will then fill in automatically based on the video's title, but you can change it if you prefer.

Below are some examples of supported URL formats, with the Video ID portion in bold. The Video ID will not include /, ?, =, or &.

Programs are saved based on the program title - changing the title is a "new" program, but adding or re-ordering videos is the same program.

You can re-order the videos by dragging and dropping them in the list. This is currently not supported on mobile devices. You can delete a video using the trash can button, and start a new program using the New Program button.

The program details are stored in the URL and locally on your device, along with your place in the program - we do not save any data. To ensure you don't lose a program, we suggest you keep a copy of the link somewhere as a back up, as we are unable to retrieve it for you.

A program can have a maximum of 31 videos in it, and video and program titles are limited to 100 characters.

You can also add a start and/or end time, in seconds, for the video if you want to skip an intro or stop it before the end. You can get the time in seconds using the Share button in YouTube, and check the "Start at" button and it will show the time in seconds at the end like this: https://youtu.be/yUi21jZpw0g?t=61

To follow a program

Follow programs in the Workout tab. After you start a video, the next time you load the page on the same device it will advance to the next video. You can also navigate between videos using the arrow buttons below the video if you want to skip ahead or repeat a video. A program is stored in the URL, so make a bookmark or save the link in some other way that works for you, for example, you can save it in a note app like Google Keep.

To share a program

Click the Copy Link button on the Edit tab to copy a link to the program to your clipboard, and paste it into wherever you'd like to share - Email it, post on Reddit, share to your Discord... if you can share a link, you can share your Workout Loop! The share buttons will also show up in the Workout Complete dialog after you've finished a video.

To load a saved program

Below the video or program editor, there is a list of saved programs. Clicking one of the links will load the program. If you want to change it it, you can do so in the Edit tab. Changing the name will create a new entry in the program list. If you no longer want a program to be saved, click the trash can button to delete it.


Video Unavailable

  • Some YouTube videos do not allow embedding on other sites and will show a message saying "Video unavailable" with a link to watch on YouTube. In some cases this may be due to music licensing. This also breaks changing the video; if you run into this, delete the video and refresh the page.

Saved Programs

Like any exercise program, use common sense and don't push yourself beyond your abilities - if a workout is too much, slow down and take breaks or choose a different one! If you have any concerns about your ability to perform an exercise program safely, check with your doctor. You are performing these workouts at your own risk and Plankido.com will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of following a video viewed via our site.

Plankido.com does not (and is unable to) vet or endorse the contents of particular videos or programs. If you lose the link to a program you have created, we are unable to retrieve it for you.