Workout Loop

Workout Loop is provided as a free service on an "as is" and "as available" basis without any warranties of any kind. We may choose to discontinue this service at any time, without warning.

Workout Loop allows users to share sets of videos hosted on YouTube and add titles for context. This information is stored in the URL hash and is not sent to our servers. Programs shared on Workout Loop should be considered as suggestions from a friend, not a professionally designed program; and does not (and is unable to) vet or endorse the contents of particular videos or programs. If you lose the link to a program you have created, we are unable to retrieve it for you.

Like any exercise program, use common sense and don't push yourself beyond your abilities - if a workout is too much, slow down and take breaks or choose a different one! If you have any concerns about your ability to perform an exercise program safely, check with your doctor. You are performing these workouts at your own risk and will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of following a video viewed via our site.