Short Workouts to build and maintain a habit


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This Workout Loop is a series of short workouts, all under 10 minutes, perfect for building up a workout habit, for days when you are in a rush and just want to do something, or for times when you just want to take a break for a few minutes and move!

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Writer James Clear emphasizes starting with incredibly small habits, and then once you've established the habit you can build on it. These videos are perfect for focusing on forming a tiny habit; I recommend picking a specific time of day when you will work out and try to stick to it, no matter how short. And if you have time, you can always do more than one!

For me, I started doing short yoga on work days right after waking up and going to the bathroom, and I started with 5-10 minute videos and now I do about 20 minutes most days in addition to other workouts. I included one of my favorite quick yoga videos from when I was starting out, as well as more varied workouts. But I always found a lot of friction navigating to my playlist and choosing something, which is why I made Workout Loop to simplify the process!

No equipment is required; one video optionally uses light dumbbells. Most of the moves are low impact or have low impact options.

Included Videos: