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Seated workouts are a great option to have in your toolbox to give you one less reason not to get a workout in. They're often recommended for people with mobility issues, including seniors and people with obesity, but can also be used by anyone needing to work around an injury or soreness.

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  • Fitness Level: Complete Beginners, and beyond with heavier dumbbells and faster movements
  • Equipment: Some videos use dumbbells. Cans or water bottles work too, particularly if you're a beginner!
  • Duration: 11-24 minutes, alternating shorter and longer videos

This workout loop has many videos suitable for absolute beginners, but, even if you're in good shape and working around an ankle or knee injury, you might be surprised at the level of workout you can get while sitting down! There's a mix of cardio, strength, and stretching, and the difficulty generally builds up over the 8 videos.

Chair workouts are low impact and non-weight bearing, and may be appropriate if you've experienced pain in your knees or hips with other workouts. As with any fitness program talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about your ability to workout.

If you can't do a movement yet, or need to take breaks, that's ok - you can try it again on your next round through the loop! If you're new to your fitness habit, you could do one video each day, while if you're used to working out and looking for a bit longer workout, you can always do more than one video in a day.

Not every video will be suitable for every need - but you can easily customize your Workout Loop using the Edit tab! Start by changing the title to make it yours.

This Workout Loop includes videos from the following channels:

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