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Better than a playlist for workouts and more

YouTube playlists suck for sequences of videos meant to be watched over several days, like workout or meditation programs. Make programs with Plankido Video Scheduler instead.

Bring your audience to you

Give your YouTube audience a reason to come to your site by providing them with a better experience for multi-day programs. Let users work through programs at their own pace, or, create challenges for your audience to do together.

Focus on one video at a time

The last thing your audience wants when they've finished a follow-along workout video or meditation session is for another one to start playing automatically. With Plankido Video Scheduler, they do their workout, then come back to your site the next day or whenever for the next video.

Not all content is meant to be binged.

YouTube playlists are built for watching a series of videos all at once, not watching one and coming back later. They start playing the next video right away and it can be hard to come back to continue the next day.

Plankido Video Scheduler lets you create multi-day sequences of YouTube videos to embed on your site, so that the next video is waiting for your viewers without going through the distractions of the YouTube interface.

Loop Mode Illustration
Create Self Paced Programs with Loop Mode

Loop mode lets you set up an ordered list of videos that visitors can work through at their own pace. When they get to the end, it repeats from the beginning. Designed for evergreen, repeatable content like a daily fitness routine or meditation program, where the order matters more than the exact day. Visitors can choose to view more than one video in a row or navigate around the program, but it won’t autoplay like a playlist. Loop mode is based on Workout Loop, but is built into your site with content you control.

Calendar Mode Illustration
Create Shared Experiences with Calendar Mode

Calendar mode lets you create a schedule of videos where all site visitors see the same video on the same day. Perfect for a group challenge, workout of the day, advent calendar, daily motivation, launch countdown, or a simple cohort program. Want a once a week schedule, not daily? No problem, just schedule one video per week and users will see the previous video until the next one is scheduled.

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