How to make a meditation series using YouTube and Wix


How To

If you create meditation videos, you might like a way to give your audience a guided meditation program, where they can work through a series of meditation videos over several days. YouTube playlists aren't great for this scenario as they'll start playing the same video immediately and it's hard to pick up where you left off later.

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If you've got a Wix site and a YouTube channel, this is easy using Video Scheduler!

  1. Add Plankido Video Scheduler to a page on your Wix site from the Wix App Market.
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  2. From the Settings menu, select "Create a Loop Program"
  3. In the editor view, copy the URL of the video from YouTube into your program.
    • Tip: You can skip an intro or stop early if a longer intro/outro that you don't want to show with every video
  4. Repeat step 3 for as many videos as you want.
  5. Preview and Publish your site!

Video Scheduler's Loop mode is ideal for a simple, repeatable meditation program. Your audience simply comes back to the same page on your site when they're ready for the next session. The sessions can build on each other, for example, for an introduction to meditation series, or, they can be a sequence of similar meditations to help form a consistent routine, like a 14 day series of 20 minute meditations. Your viewers can relax after their meditation rather than scramble to stop the next video as the next one won't immediately start playing like if they used a playlist, which are meant for watching a bunch of videos in one sitting. And if one meditation doesn't resonate with them, they can skip it and move on to the next one. When they get to the end of the series, it loops back to the beginning so they can repeat the whole series as many times as they'd like.

Video Scheduler is designed to be dead simple for your audience to use. Whether they keep a tab open or come back to the page on the same device, the next video in the series will be waiting for them when they're ready. No login required!

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